How To Trace A Cell Phone Location – Without Them Knowing

Have you ever wanted to trace a cell phone and find out the location of the caller. There are services available that will let you preform discreet searches. The cell phone owner will never know they have been tracked down.

A decent reverse cell phone trace will reveal the callers full name and address, date of birth, address history, and some services will provide any criminal or other very personal records on that person. The first time I used a reverse call search I was pretty shocked at what info was available on me.

One of the benefits of becoming a member of a paid service is that you can request your info to be removed from their system! There are free services but I found them a complete waste of time. Almost all of them share a public info data base that is worthless. You might get back the state or city the call is from.

Joining a paid service is worth the one time fee but I found the best option is to go for the yearly membership. I learned this the hard way by paying a one time search fee thinking I would never need the service again and then having to pay again a month later when I needed to trace down a prank cell phone caller.

Cell phones are a little harder to trace then regular land line phones. The over the counter cell phones that you pre pay and do not have to give out any info on are almost impossible to trace. You can do a preliminary search for free to see if anything is returned. If you get back the city and state you can be sure there is a lot more info available once you join. I even found out my prank callers neighbors.

The information you can now get was once only available to private investigators and law enforcement. But now with a click of your mouse you can have the same access to private information that they do ready to print out for your viewing pleasure.

With more cell phones using a tracking GPS chip you can now almost pinpoint a cell phone location. This is a great service if you want to track your kids, husband or employees. Want to find out where that bimbo your husband has been seeing behind your back? Get her phone number off of his cell phone and do a reverse call search on it. You will know more about her that he does. This could make some really interesting conversation or aid in your divorce.

The service also comes in handy for those pesky telemarketers that think they are untraceable. These days unlisted will not mean untraceable. An unlisted number might not be available to the public but that does not mean you can not trace it with a reverse call look up service. I discover that prank callers think because they are on a cell phone they are safe shocked when you call them back and rattle off their home and work address along with some other juicy info about them. The prank or unknown calls almost always stop immediately after that.

Source by Mike D Tucker

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