Critical Warning Number Six By Michael Lombardi

When I first got this controversial report by Michael Lombardi, entitled the Critical Warning Number Six, while it is an economic issue, we all know how economic and financial standings can affect relationships whether it be a marriage, family or even for singles in a relationship , that I feel I had to share to readers. Money matters collectively is one of the triggers of divorce, and is one of the factors involved as to where and how a marriage or family will thrive, as well as planning for the future to the point of considering relocation sometimes around the globe. Thus I felt the moral obligation to share this report so as to give ample time for couples and families to plan ahead. In the Critical Warning number Six, Michael Lombardi talks of his expert prediction of a major US economic disaster in six months (as of August 14, 2011) or maybe less.

In case one might think that this is a prophet-like prediction, it is far from that. Michael Lombardi has a master's degree in one of Europe's oldest universities – his passion has always been analyzing the economy and has been known to have made several predictions based on expert analysis in the past decade, to include the surge of gold prices, the crash of the housing market in the US in 2007, the crash of the stock market thus resulting to recession in 2008 and 2009. And now in this Critical Warning number six, he talks of an economic disaster several months from the time he released report (August 14 , 2011), worse than 2008 and likened to The Great Depression.

Aside from his personal recommendations about where to put your money on for the long-term, on the immediate short-term action plan when unemployment is becoming an ever growing threat, it is best to prepare us through several ways:
(1) acquiring additional skills to enable us to adapt to employment opportunities,
(2) finding other sources of income, one that is globally-based so that the impact of recession is lessened (as opposed to local sources), such as internet opportunities,
(3) looking at opportunities abroad whether for mere employment or an entire family relocation where it will be more feasible to live.

Secure a good health insurance for you and your family.

Learn to live simply and curb on some wants and unnecessary expenses.

Find ways and means to cut bills and expenses.

While this is a controversial report, being forewarned of this Critical Warning Number Six by Michael Lombardi will help us get prepared should it come, especially that should his expert prediction come to pass as all his five other predictions did, this will definitely be a major life-changing situation.

Source by Hazel Christine Herber

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