How Long and Other Questions About Divorce

One of the biggest questions anyone considering divorce in Milton Keynes may have is how long does the process take. What timescale will I have to wait until I can get my life back to normal?

There are a number of factors family solicitors will take into account when calculating how long it takes for the divorce solicitor to resolve your affairs and much of this will depend on the parties involved. If a spouse fails to cooperate and it becomes necessary for a court bailiff to serve papers this can extend the whole process and cause delays.

If I leave my spouse for another person how likely are they to become involved in the proceedings? These days divorce solicitors will tell you that the naming of a third party is pretty much an administrative procedure and unlikely to have any actual implications to them. If they are named then they are likely to receive copies of the divorce papers but that is normally all that happens.

Moving out of the marital home could effect your rights over how the property is eventually sold but you will still have an entitlement to the value of the family assets but you loose your direct access to possessions and any children. Likewise admitting to adultery should not have any direct effect upon the divorce but it can on rare occasions be bought up as bad conduct. The greater determining factor will be the family assets and the equitable division of them to all parties concerned.

If you are getting divorced a family solicitor will advise you to get a will made up as should you die before everything is resolved your spouse will still have control over joint assets like houses and other property. Until a divorce is final, a spouse is still classed as your next of kin.

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