Your Ex Will not Pay Child Support? Know Your Options!

Like most things in life, there is no library of instruction booklets, among them being one entitled "How to Get a Divorce." As much as you may have tried to take all the necessary steps to ensure a smooth and easy divorce, you may still find yourself in the financial aftermath of a divorce in which your ex-spouse refuses to pay alimony.

Here is a small bit of divorce advice: as stressful as the entire situation may be, there is no need to get angry or frustrated. If your legally-binding judgment of divorce or dispute settlement entitles you to alimony or child support, then the law is on your side. Simply contact your attorney and take whatever steps are deemed necessary. Coping with divorce is hard enough. You and your children certainly do not need any more stress.

Refusing to pay alimony or child support can result in some illegal legal actions. If you or your child is not receiving the payments that you are entitled to receive, then your spouse could face one or a number of enforcement devices, such as:

Having money deducted from your spouse's wages

Submitting a negative report to a credit bureau

Collecting past-due child support from lottery prizes won by your spouse

Intercepting federal and state tax reimburss

Seizure of property or bank accounts

Deduction of health insurance premiums

Obtaining a court order requiring a cash deposit towards payment of support

Obtaining a court order that places your spouse on probation

Obtaining a court order sending your spouse to serve jail time

In some states, you may pursue spousal and child support through an agency.

In the event that a parent defaults on a court-ordered payment, enforcement devices will be set into motion immediately.

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