Various Divorce Laws

There are around three states in United States where separation period is not an issue. However, California is not one such state. The two important issues are the child issue and the finance issue. Whenever, there is a case like divorce then these are the two issues, which are definitely quite in limelight. Most of the divorce laws revolve around these issues. Apart from spousal support, personal property as well as the assets there is one more issues that is important which is the period of residency. Laws related various California divorce to each issues. They all are mentioned under the California divorce laws.

The first issue is the legal separation. This is definitely the first step, which is required to dissolve the marriage. It is needed from both the spouses that they should live in separate residences for a fixed period. With the separation agreement, it becomes possible for the couples to live separately. These kinds of agreements include the child support as well as the financial responsibilities. The financial responsibilities are to be shared by the married couples equally. After signing the legal separation papers, it is the duty of each spouse to share equally the financial responsibilities as well as the child support.

There are some circumstances when the marriage can be sustained for annulment. Sometimes the marriage might be forced. All these illegal marriages are accustomed to annulment by the court. Hence, divorce in such cases can be straightforward and the accused can be subjected to extreme punishments as well.

California is not the state where residency requirement can be avoided. The appeal will be declared legal only if the applicant is residing in the state for more than six months. Apart from the state, one issue is more important. It is important to know that the case has to be filed in the county where both the spouses are living. As far as the spouses are concerned, the residency requirements are the same for both the spouses.

The next set of laws is related to the child support and the child custody. Both of them are equally important. One needs to understand that both of these terms need to address at the court. The spouse who is in charge of the child will not have to pay for the child support. The payment for the child support is generally to be done by the spouse who is not with the child. However, many other issues need to be understood and kept in mind. Generally, the salary of each spouse is calculated and the education, medical as well as daily expenses of the children are calculated. The spouse responsible will have to pay all the money finally being calculated according to the divorce laws in California.

There are some laws regarding summary dissolution as well. Those married couples who have been married for more than five years and have no children or shared debts, are definitely eligible for the summary dissolution by the court in California. As per the uncontested divorce, they are generally applied when both the spouses decide to file no other petition than the divorce. Thus, the California divorce laws are simple and straightforward.

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