Shelter Scotland launches ‘Toolkit for Tenants’

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Shelter Scotland has announced the launch of a new online toolkit that aims to help tenants navigate the rental system.

The Toolkit for Tenants has received funding from the SafeDeposits Scotland Trust and contains a series of guides for Scottish tenants covering deposits and housing costs to repairs, inventories and tenancy agreements. It also includes training for tenants who want to know more about the private rented sector.

SafeDeposits Scotland Trust made a grant of £28,083 to Shelter Scotland earlier this year after it was approached by the housing charity with the idea for the project. The Trust was set up in 2016 and has so far made grants of £193,424 to improve knowledge about the private rented sector in Scotland.

Jill Walker, Learning Manager at Shelter Scotland, said “Private renting in Scotland has seen many changes in law in the last few years – most significant was the introduction of the new private residential tenancy agreement last December (2017) – which ended fixed term tenancies and strengthened renters’ rights.

It is important therefore that people who rent privately in Scotland know their new rights and responsibilities and where to turn to for help.

The funding from the SafeDeposits Scotland Trust has allowed us to create the ‘Toolkit for Tenants’ which is a collection of quick guides to help private renters understand those new rights and responsibilities. We have also launched a short training module called Knowing Your Rights and Responsibilities for people who want an enhanced understanding of how private renting works in Scotland.

Both resources are free and we think they will empower private renters to get the best out of their tenancy.”

John Duff, Chairman of the SafeDeposits Scotland Trust, said: “The ‘Toolkit for Tenants’ is an informative and invaluable tool for tenants to help them understand what their rights and responsibilities are when renting privately.

We are always looking for exciting and innovative suggestions, proposals and projects and the Shelter Scotland application definitely fulfilled those criteria. We’re proud to have funded many inspiring initiatives that will help landlords, letting agents and tenants across Scotland to navigate the often-complicated rental landscape, improving standards and reducing conflicts.”

SafeDeposits Scotland is the only not-for-profit deposit scheme in Scotland, any surplus funds are able to be used in projects offering training, education and advice within the private rented sector through the SafeDeposits Scotland Trust.

More information on the trust, including how to apply for grants is available at

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