Abrams on References To Television Shows in Judicial Opinions and Written Advocacy (Part I) @mobarnews

Douglas E. Abrams, University of Missouri School of Law, has published References to Television Shows in Judicial Opinions and Written Advocacy (Part I) at 75 Journal of the Missouri Bar 25 (Jan.-Feb. 2019). Here is the abstract. Professor Abrams authors a column, Writing it Right, in the Journal of the Missouri Bar. In a variety of contexts, the column stresses the fundamentals of quality legal writing – conciseness, precision, simplicity, and clarity. Download the article from SSRN at the link. Source link

Pitfalls for employers: dismissals and TUPE transfers | Employment Law Blog

The recent Court of Appeal case of Hare Wines Ltd v Kaur is a reminder of the caution that should be exercised by employers when carrying out dismissals either before or after a TUPE transfer. In this case, an employer attempted to argue that the dismissal in question was carried out for “purely personal reasons” unrelated to the TUPE transfer, an argument which was dismissed by the Court of Appeal. Background The Claimant was employed as a cashier in H&W Wholesale Ltd (H&W), a wine wholesale business. When H&W began…